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Policies & Procedures.


The City of San Marcos realized they needed revised IT policies and procedures to meet the demand for their growing city. Jennifer I. Baker led the city's project and analyzed, modified, and created the IT department's policies and procedures into a formal handbook. With this experience, Jennifer learned to work concisely and efficiently while working under tight deadlines, meet and exceed expectations of the client, and write clear and understandable policies and procedures geared toward the City of San Marcos' audience – their employees.

Marketing Collateral.


L J realized the need for strategically aligned marketing collateral to represent himself at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX. We created a PowerPoint presentation, business cards, and biography for the artist that far surpassed his expectations. L J now uses these marketing pieces to promote himself as a hip hop artist.


Website, Scheduling System & Customer Service Database


Beth Hanson owner of Riverside Tax Team has been able to grow her business over several decades through word of mouth advertising and referrals. In recent years she noticed a decline in clients who were drifting away seeking online resources to communicate with their tax advisors. JIB Marketing Group took action by building a website that allows current customers efficient access and new clients to find them faster, and conveniently schedule an appoinment, while analyzing customer profiles.

Business Proposal.


JIB Marketing Group was approached about writing a business plan and PowerPoint presentation to attract investors for a new movie production company . The company had not formalized its business outside of filing for LLC status so the partners were looking for exceptional guidance through the process. JIB Marketing Group met with the partners to learn about their business ideas, goals, and plans along with researching and structuring a plan that met the clients overall needs.

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